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  • I know that the Poetry Marathon is over but how many are still viewing this site, leaving comments and just connecting with others?

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    • Hi Ingrid! I really enjoyed reading your poems, you are a very talented writer and have a real knack for incorporating light and joyful sentiments into your pieces! Would appreciate any feedback you can give me! Siobhan ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I would love to Siobhan. Are you in the half or full marathon list and do they use your name. I have been trying to find your name for the last 5 minutes. Do they use your name or initials in the list?

    • Thanks so much Ingrid!! I am in the Full Marathon. If you go to the search section for authors/participants you put in Siobhan and it should come up. This should help too: https://thepoetrymarathon.com/blog/shivee41/ Thanks a bunch Ingrid! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Love is a lesson in caring, compassion selflessness and also self-care.

    Optimism is a buoyant force that we must all share.

    Valuing one emotion over another is not healthy for you

    Every emotion has value, […]

    • Wonderful message. Beautifully conveyed. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you Prachi! By the 12th hour, I was so tired! I was functioning in Spirit and this poem wrote itself.

    • Absolutely beautiful, Ingrid – I could feel every line to the soul. If this is what tired mind produces, waiting to read the other poems, dear friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Vijaya! It was divine intervention and inspiration at the very last moment. And, I thank it that I was able to finish somewhat strong. I really felt that I produced some good work this half marathon. I was and am happy! Thank you for your beautiful comment my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So perfect in its expression of love and the value of emotions; thank you for writing it! <3

      These are truly concepts that I wish would be better understood – and I'm beginning to realize that poetry is, perhaps, one of the best ways to express it.

      • I think that for a few decades, poetry became more a medium for personal complain and less a vehicle to express genuine emotions especially compassion, kindness and love…The world needs more poems and poetry. Thanks for enjoying this!

    • Loved this acrostic…and they are all equally inter-related to form a coherent whole…great spirit at the 12th hour

    • Thanks! The lat hour was a challenge!

  • Once Upon a Time…

    As all the stories go,

    You are taken

    into make believe

    before you even know!


    My imaginary homeland

    and land of

    all my dreams

    would still have all

    Four […]

    • This is such a light-hearted piece, Ingrid. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Reena! Right now, with everything that is going on in the world, I like light and I enjoy writing poetry and prose that profile and promise a better way of living . Thank you for your positive comment and encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

    • A poem full of hope for the present times… it’s so cheerful!!!

      • Thank you Vidya! I tend to write a lot of whimsical poetry. It is not necessarily who I am but, I think it is necessary Light right now.

    • Yes, a lot of Light needed right now.

    • Ah so beautiful – a very positive poem :).

      • Thank you Vijaya! I had a lot of fun with this poem and it helped me clarify some values too…and repeat them to myself as well. It was revealing more me.

    • “The changing of the Seasons and/ Dawning of the Day/ have far more beauty than/ even I can say!” Very true and beautiful… I really like this poem but I am in love with these lines.

      • Thank you Bhasha! This sort of wrote itself as I was coming close to the end of the half marathon and losing steam… But at this time, my core values swam to the surface…it was revealing for me too!

    • I like your version of the world very much – and wish for the same thing.

      Funny how our deepest truths and wishes come out when we’re most tired. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Meredith! It was enjoyable to write and essentially wrote itself…the truth just flowed.

    • The journey of your poem touches on how we’d like to see the world. Sadly this feels like a dream. I like how you touched on the subject

      • Thanks Joyce! It is my dreamworld and yes, almost faerytale like. I fear that there will always be evil but we can try to minimize the effects through Kindness and Compassion…I hope!

    • However the story ends, there is still hope…eternal hope…nice poem

    • Thank you! That is sort of my belief…there is always hope. And, in fact there is. We may sometimes have to alter or tweak our perspective (or expectations) a bit but, there is always hope! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • There is a simplicity here that runs deep. It’s full of love, positivism and hope. This art of words, pieced together for a motivation to live a better life, is a refreshing reminder of what poetry should mostly do! You already know why: “In a world of lesser pain, We would all have chance to gain!”

    • Thank you Ofuma! It was near the end and I was running a little short on energy and it was another of those imagery poems. For me, the images took over.

  • When I was young,

    I sang of dancing with

    moon shadows and,

    I did.


    Through operations,

    I danced and sang to the Lyrics

    of Optimism, Resiliency and,

    Bouncing Back.


    As I grew o […]

  • Canoeing is magical in the

    twilight of night and,

    if you stay evenย  later, a firefly may

    come into sight!


    Fireflies hug tree lines and,

    weave in and out

    as they dance!

    So catching sight o […]

    • The imagery you evoked in this poem is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Vijaya! I love canoeing and seeing the fireflies dance along the tree line <3 You have to stay awake as you see them best around 12 or 1 am…but it is worth it!

    • Love how you play with rhyme and imagery! Such a nice piece!

      • Thanks Siobhan! I love fireflies. They really are such magical little creatures. They always bring me back to childhood wonder! They are a treat to behold.

    • Love the rhyme and entrancing pull of the fireflies. Must be too hot in Texas because here I rarely see them. Well done!

      • Thanks Sandra! Fireflies love the heat and the humidity…it has to be a good combination of mugginess to draw them out. Thanks for commenting and liking my poem!

    • “If you stay in your cottage and donโ€™t venture outdoors,

      you may never see a firefly

      and experience the beauty and its strange lore.”

      This is so vivid; I love the cadence, rhyme, imagery and theme of this poem. Thank you for writing it! <3

      • Thanks for your kind words Meredith. I have been mesmerized and hypnotized by the dance of the fireflies since I was very young and they would fly out of the woods toward toward my lantern as I walked the path toward the bathroom while out camping. On those late evening walks, the dance (and company of the firefly was very reassuring. Their appearance while out paddling later in life added to the romance.

    • This has been a good year for fireflies in my yard. We sit on the solarium and watch them flicker. Last night it was still raining a bit and it was the most abundant group I’ve seen.

      • I love fireflies! I haven’t had a chace to see any this summer as I am going to bed earlier to wake up before and for sunrise.

    • This poem enchants, as if it doesn’t. The rhymes amplify it magic even more.

      • Thanks you Ofuma! I tend to use a lot of rhyming couplets and a simple rhyming scheme. However, I do this on purpsoe. When I studies poetry at the university level, I found out why people such as Blake used this wodnerful yet simplistic rhyming scheme…to invoke innocence and a childlike quality…to remind us of our childhood. And, this is what fireflies do for me.

  • The prompt is an emoji version of Tyger Tyger by William Blake. But, I think it is missing emoji stanzas.

    Here’s the shortened version translated.


    My Translatedย  Version

    Tiger, Tiger Burning B […]

    • This was a tricky prompt but you nailed it in my opinion. This is wonderful!

    • Thanks Jana! I hear you. This was probably my least fav prompt-lol. And, a very short answer. Thanks for reading.

    • So fun!

      I skipped this prompt because I just couldn’t grasp it – but, I agree with Jana: You nailed it!

      Nicely done (and I love Tyger Tyger by William Blake, definitely one of my favorite poems! Great translation!)

      • I love the works of Blake as well. Thank you. I did the best I could but I don’t know if any of his poems were supposed to be translated in such a way-lol!

  • “Something is a-foul

    at the downtown waterfront!

    I tell you, no word of a lie!

    The geese are lined up in families!”

    she says. with a sorrowful sigh!


    “Geese are lying from shore to […]

    • I understand your dismay. Those pesky birds do rain on the beach goers parade. Literally! Fun poem!

      • Thanks TAmmi and thank you for enjoying my poem. I actually love birds! It is just that CAnada geese are very plentiful here. There had to be atleast 50 on the lake (in one small area) this morning. They are fairly large birds and have very bipolar tendances…tolerating you and then hissing at you within seconds… Thanks again for enjoying my poem and commenting.

    • I specifically love poems about birds. I got to go to an aviary for the first time last year. I love the image in this:

      Geese are lying from shore to shore
      Swans from pier to pier!

      Great work!

      • Thanks Angel! I love your poetry and your comments mean a lot to me. It is wonderful to see you back and read your words. Thanks for enjoying my poem PS: Geese truly are lying from shore to shore and swans from pier to pier…We have a newer pier and an older pier very close to where I live…I walk from pier to pier every morning (a 5km walk…3 miles) and love to watch the geese and the swans bathing themselves in both the morning light and water of the lake.

    • What a playful tribute. I love the picturing the geese “lined up in families!โ€

      • Thank you Mel! They do really seem to line up in families…Its very interesting to see! And each family as a “wing man”…an older brother or sister who helps the parents keep the younger ones in line ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “Something is a-foul” is a wonderful pun in the poem! Great rhythm. It sounds like the birds have returned and are claiming back some of their old territory over there. I think it is the most wondrous thing, except I do know how ornery those geese can get.

    • Thanks Danielle! I am usually not a pun-y person but the amount of geese that we have in one little area can sometimes be ludicrous. At sunrise, when it is particularly humid…all the geese will run toward the sun and play in the thermals. It is beautiful to see but also sort of like a scene from The Birds…and then you have the 20 seagulls flying and swooping overhead-lol. So far, I have not been bombed…in all my years.

    • “I love the regal beauty of birds and their calls from distances away” Timeless line, lovely!

    • Thanks Siobhan! I am finding it difficult to pick my two poems to submit. Do you think this should be one of them?

    • I think it is a good choice for submitting, Ingrid. A treat for the reader!

    • This gives me shivers – I think of the movie when I see swarms of birds. Itโ€™s fun but scary… in a good way. Love it.

      • It is both beautiful and scary to see Sandra! Thankfully that massive gaggle of geese is far away. But, they are big birds and you don’t want to piss them off-lol!

    • Knowing the *exact* stretch of beach and the *exact* difficulty you describe in this poem, I can’t help but giggle and snicker at the problems so well-described in this poem!

      Love it! Thanks for bringing Burlington Beach back to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Meredith. I seem to be making “in-roads” with at least one family…and I was granted a few good pics with their goslings . But yes, I have been hissed at once this summer already and had the big flapping of the boss bird-lol!

  • I rise in


    Humidity and heat

    hang heavy in thick air.

    Clothes stick and

    I rush out and gulp

    fresh morning air.

    Light summer breezes

    carry me to



    Pre-dawn […]

    • I definitely feel like this is one of your best ones, Ingrid! The emotions that attach to the imagery are universal and yet personal at the same time.

      • Thanks Stef! It is hard to decide which poem to edit and submit. I like this one too. It fills me with a great sense of peace and also I can identify with the universality aspect…I am just wondering about space in the anthology and because of that, I may choose to submit the Recipe for Jumping For Joy…just to save space. I think we get to submit two…maybe?

    • What a fantastic summary of a sunrise! Fabulous!

    • Thanks Siobhan! Sunrise is my favourite time of day!

    • I love this one, Ingrid! Such vivid imagery. Clear and crisp!

  • Looking out across the

    forest of green

    I feel bathed in



    A peaceful mist

    moves gently

    through this valley

    shedding Etheral



    Tree tops glow

    in this m […]

    • Oh I love the imagery in this one! I can almost visualize the moment. Awesome one!

    • Thank you Jana! This is one of my personal favourites too. I loved the picture prompt and it gave me such a serene feeling. I’m glad the imagery worked and that you like it. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I love the spiritual connotations, Ingrid! Very nice and soothing poem.

    • Thanks Stef! I may actually submit this one…it soothes me and I am glad you feel it too! CAn I ask your opinion…In the third stanza (beginning)…Instead of tree tops glow…instead, I was thinking of writing “Tree tops crowned gold”…what do you think?

    • “I stand amazed and baptized in this Golden Hour” Ooooh, that is a line that leaves you speechless, perfect ending! Gorgeous!

    • Thanks Siobhan! I like the imagery here too and it just sort of flowed when I saw the prompt. Thank you for all of your very kind comments. I am still trying to determine which 2 poems to submit…any ideas? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The golden hour catches the essence of eternity…this should go to the anthology…great poem

    • Oh, I wish I would have read this before I submitted!! This is one of my personal favourites. But alas, I submitted The Season of the Birds and Recipe Jumping For Joy due to its brevity. The anthology may be very large so, I thought I might have better chance with something small. Howver, saying that, I am copying all my poems from the last 3 half marathons and creating my own publication (of my poetry.)

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