✨Lock out Elysium✨

I always had faith in love and miracles.when I first met you, I knew
I would put my emotions on the line.
To be part of you is something sacred, I’m reborn each time I wake up in your arms.
Your lovemaking takes me to heaven
Your passion takes me away into a Elysium…
Your presence alone it’s an Elysium experience.
If to keep you I must drop to my knees and testify all my wrong doings, I will…
You make my sins so small, when you forgive me and embrace me.
Please open the gate to your heart, I can’t wait to see your soul through the window of your eyes.
Right there in your soul I want to stay. Without you I feel out of place, where do I belong? I feel broken without the light shed on me by your love. Can I just stay here…
Can I Just stay here….
I just want to stay right here…

—Marquez Meriyen ✨

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