Blank Pages

The blank pages of a journal

Are waiting for thoughts to flow;

I have several, one for each family member

So someday they will all know.

How my heart loves them,

How I know I am truly blessed;

Even with misunderstandings

There is a reason behind every test.

The blank pages of a scrapbook

Are ready for memories to unfold;

So many moments filled with pride

In these pages I will share the joy.

Sports, graduation, college, serving our country

Little ones growing up too soon;

Now I keep those memories close by

My three children and husband, I love you!

The blank pages of a notebook

Where poems and stories start;

Okay, that’s not always true…

Many come from the heart.

An Oscar Moment in Time

Is not always a trophy or an award;

It’s family or a friend

Asking the writer for one more.

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