Hour 22 – Awake, O Sleeper

Wake Up

the visible becomes light
Awake, O sleeper,
Arise from the dead
and Christ will shine on you.”

Wake yourself,
you who have drunk from
the hand of the LORD
the bowl
the cup of staggering.

Awake, awake,
put on your strength
for no more shall come in the unclean

Arise, your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD
the sun of righteousness
has risen upon you.
with healing in its wings.

Wake from sleep.
For salvation is nearer to us now
than when we first believed.

A found poem based on these Bible verses: Ephesians 5:14; Isaiah 51:17; Isaiah 52:1; Isaiah 60:1; Malachi 4:2; and Romans 13:11.

2 thoughts on “Hour 22 – Awake, O Sleeper

  1. This poem is based in scriptures, though I am also wondering if some of those ‘awake sleeper’ isn’t self intended , seeing that the 24th hour of salvation was just two hours away. Great poem though, the world needs the wake up call , especially now.

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