Charlie’s Endless Dream


Snow-dusted evergreens stretch to the horizon
Silent sentinels, impassive,
Unapologetic, swaying in winter’s ice-gilded night

The Wild’s indifference terrifying
Not some anthropomorphized maternal nature goddess
But harsh brutality of a land rife with danger,
Rife with threat,
The spine-prickling howls of hungry wolves almost inaudible over his chattering teeth

He knows he cannot sleep
Cannot drift into the Dreamworld this icy night,
Knows that if he makes that journey he will not return
His inner fire burning, yearning to survive he trudges on

And on

And on

Until at last he stumbles through icy crust into the freezing white embrace
He waits, body quaking, frozen breath escaping until…
The shivers fade and Charlie enters the Dreamworld
A smile upon his face

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