Searching for Dorothy Arnold (Hour Thirteen)

Has anyone seen Dorothy?

Anyone at all?

She stood a height of five foot one to five foot four inches tall.

Her eyes were grey or blue, her hair a dark, dark brown.

She was last seen all dressed in blue in old Manhattan Town.

She’d been writing and sending out manuscripts,

She’d been meeting her love in secret,

She wished to move out and be independent,

But Daddy wouldn’t hear of it.

Has anyone seen Dorothy?

She came from a gilded life,

But perhaps her soul, a writer’s soul,

Only knew the internal strife.

She was twenty-five years old

On December 12, 1910,

So all hope is truly lost

Of seeing her alive again.

Perhaps a lapis earring

Will be found under floorboards one day

But will anyone know it was Dorothy’s?

Is anyone left to say?

Dorothy never came home for Christmas,

Nor Easter in the spring,

Dorothy never came home at anytime,

And that’s the saddest thing.

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