For My Grandchild

For My Grandchild (whenever s/he decides to appear)


Dearest child,

We have been waiting

for you for so long,

it will be beautiful to have you here.


The house has been

silent of the

ringing laughter

of babes

after your mother

or father

left our nest.


Christmas has a sparkle again –

it’s magic has returned,

as has Easter

with its




and sweet chocolate treats.


I must confess,

I had despaired

of an

empty house


now that you have arrived,

my heart can smile again.



let’s read the picture book

that made your father laugh –

any one will do –

and you will find that you

will laugh, too.


You don’t know it yet,


I love you more than

you could ever



Now get here


darling child,

we have so much

to do.


Love from your grandma to be.


(c) R. L. Elke 2016

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