Beauty under water (prompt 1)

Out at sea near the beautiful booby cay Islands
is a Stunning coral Reef
there lies the beauty
no eyes has ever seen.
Fishes or every kind
sand and corals dimmer in light
The ocean floor is pure as gold
The blessings from our creator forever more

One can imagine the nature of the Ocean floor
its all covered by water and lots unknown
Many things are below the bottom of the sea
Many ships have sunken beneath the sand
Many wreckage below they stand
waiting to be explore by human hands.

Its awesome how we fail to understand
The nature of underwater life as it sits
surrounding our entire home land.
Though it can be a hazard
we appreciate the beauty of its structure
and the fun it gives to man
exploring life underwater
is so pure and free.
Let us enjoy the under water land.

under the sea1

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