Blazing Summer (hour 2)

Oh summer time , Oh summer time
you make me whisper a love so divine
you send your beauty in such a sweet array
you clothes mankind in sun rays, you brighten
each day with laughter and music
The flowers are beautiful
the fruit trees all have bear fruits
ripe and ready to enjoy.

Mangoes, Guineps, Apples, oranges and plums
are all in season, check out the sweet sop and the sour sop.
Its so much fun to bask in your season
one in which I am never bored.

The sun sand and sea is what makes
you glow so sweet,
Children enjoy the beat as they hustle
to the beach, pool and rivers to enjoy
the water so cool and serene.

Parties blazing to the
so loved reggae beat
as we jam to Bob Marley in the streets.
Back yard dance drop feet in a streets
to the music a just did summer heat.
children head to the rivers and pools ,just to enjoy


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