The Road Not Taken (hour 13)

Two roads in life,
I am not able to travel on both,
I had a chance to stood before both,
one was straight and wide,
The other was narrow and had alot of obstacles,
it was over grown with alot of bushes,

I now had to make a choice,
should I take the straight and wide ,
or the narrow and full of obstacles,
My heart skipped a beat, it was in my throat;
As i thought about what my choice will be,
I was tired and confused from looking and trying to decide,

I chose to go on the narrow path
Because it was less trodden and Heaven.
will be my grand reward for pressing on!
Faith chose me, i did not chose faith,
so i pushed forward and never looked back.

I am proud to say this, with out a doubt
somewhere down the road in the future:
Two roads one to life and the other to destruction, and I—
I chose the one no one chose to travel on,
That is what made me who I am today.

The courage I have found,
has made me turn around,
Only one road I am walking,
In my life time,
Only one Road that leads to life.

Green Fields

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