Dear the one

Dear the one

A life is not often one may expected it to be

Peculiarity utmost rarity

Manifesting in an obscure way

Never be hesitant

Just let the river flow

Flowing over in springs of life

Nonetheless it is one to accord

Let the consequence be embraced upon

Life is always seen in two angles

Always look on its brighter side

If not learned from its lesson

Everyone is not an accident

But it is way how one may enliven

Taken consideration into

Life familiar tides in or off season

It is in flux

Still kudos

A friend


5:06 PM PST 14/08/2016



One thought on “Dear the one

  1. Life seen at angles triggered so many memories and writings. Pearl Smith describes her mother dozing or dreaming at angles on a bus leaving Alabama for Chicago. I love that visual of life at angles–thought provoking. I would be thrilled to receive a letter like this.

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