Self portrait

I’m messy, uptight.

Organized? Yeah right.

coffee and dining tables?


just like the rest of me.

Honestly, health is junky too.

like a carbohydrate zoo

hate to be trite,

but I am what I eat, right?

sugar and spice …

ain’t always nice.

But some things aren’t trashing

sit-ups, squats, face flushing

inches, body shrinking

albeit slowly.

My mind is a stress

from all this Covid mess

use some advice

and trash the rest.

As a teacher, for the littlest

I always give my best

they come out walking

and some a little babbling.

But art, it heals me

poetry fills a need, you see

just like this poem

my wounds that were open

now are a-closin’.

My therapy, it’s green

the smallest pets I’ve seen

anoles, there are many

they calm me visually

as they jump and fight lazily

take away my misery

and bring me joy daily.

-Sandra Johnson, 6/13/20


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