I Should Have Said Yes

(for hour 21—from the say “yes” prompt of hour 15)


I should have said yes



I’d not seen that in my grandparents before

Too young to understand toxins and kidney function

It surprised me when Grandma snapped back at him

Fussiness did not become them

It didn’t make sense to me

Then she threatened to send him away


She turned to me

Out of all the people at the extended table

Where multiple family dinners had been fun,


Full of laughter

She turned to me and asked,

“Do you want your grandpa to come live with you?”



Horror at the concept playing out before me



What would my parents say if I gave permission without asking?

I looked to my grandfather’s tired face, his eyes red, looking to me with sadness

I sputtered, “Where would you sleep?”

Then he cast his eyes down

It was the wrong response

This woman I no longer recognized hooted as if she’d played the poisoned pawn

“See! Even your granddaughter doesn’t want you!”

Someone swooped in to save us, my grandpa and me

We locked eyes once again

Sorrow in sympathy

Logistics be damned, I should have said “yes”


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