3 AM Pancakes

3 AM Pancakes are best when shared…

Breakfast for dinner is a treat.

My father makes delicious pancakes and crepes this I know.

My new love likes Jack Johnson like my mamma and my brother flow.

I’m feeling so fly as I write.

When the rain falls and we nap we have everything we need.

Thank you for letting me sleep, but please wake me before noon so I don’t cry.

I need the sun as much as I need the rain, and yes, I love you all the same.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover

2 thoughts on “3 AM Pancakes

  1. Perhaps it’s because you are “feeling so fly” as you write, but you seem very young and full of energy throughout this poem. It appeals to me specifically because of these qualities. You convey a young person’s appreciation for 3 a.m. pancakes, sleeping until noon, needing sun as much as the rainy naps, and even parents. Whether you are writing in your now or from memory, you capture youthfulness quite well. This makes me want to go back in time if only for one day that starts with pancakes.

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