Poem 3. Invisible Heartbeat

The quiet of night exists just beyond the twilight.

A thousand kisses deep in my soul retreat.

A silent wish unfulfilled.

A heart without a seat.

I try to win the meet, yet I do not want to taste defeat.

This yearning inside I did not know could tear one apart so slow.

A desire to love, a triangle that can not ever be.

You and I are destined to be a circle never ending.

Two in one; one in two.

I cannot invoke the holy trinity of three.

My soul mate I once knew, yet it is my twin flame that I now seek.

It is here I choose to take refuge and rediscover the calling of my heart beat in his.

The echo of his voice reverberates in my ears.

He loves without limit and this is what I desire.

A love that can be infinity replenished.

My invisible heart beats for him.

In unison we dance on water and dream out loud.

Surreal; so real is our motto.

Sweet words he speaks in a language my soul can translate without mistake.

As clear as day and as deep as night, he sees the mirror of his mind in the infinite sea of my eyes.

Farther than the oceans reach, his love for me and I for he, we find creativity in a space without beginning or end.


All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha Vanover








All rights reserved copyright(c)2017 Natasha P. Vanover

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