The 11th hour… Seeking land, home no longer for rent.

The 11th hour… Seeking land… home no longer for rent.

Everyone wants a home, but I’m afraid to call anywhere home when Muhammad Ali says that the rent you pay on earth is the service to others.

I want to plant,

I want to farm, to grow a little fruit tree.

I want to paint the walls and dig in the dirt as far as the eye can see, but wait… who owns anything, not me?

Pearl S. Buck knew that “The Good Earth” was more than about a home to call one’s own. It was the land.

The Irish writer still echo’s in my mind from college… many a family struggle to own the land under their feet.

“A condo is fine, but what about the land?”

“No matter how plush, or technologically advanced, no matter how high it reaches in the sky, how can a penthouse match the profound feeling when you put your hands in the dirt of a home on the land that you own?”

Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry knew and made us all think deeper when we read the book and saw the play, “A Raisin in the Sun”. ‘To own even the dirt under your finger nails’, a friend once shared, … ‘is worth something when you can call it your own.’  The value of owning a home is not something new.

Even Dido and The Cinematic Orchestra knew how hard it can be to build a home and no longer put your life for up for rent.

“Everyone deserves the chance to plant his roots in the ground.  I hope I get this chance to plant a tree.”


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