“A Poem to REMEMBER:being A mArAtHoNeR”


In that straight

More than 24hours awake

Studying sentina

And working household chores

As well as to calm the mind

And relax the heart

My mind stocked to understand

What sentina is

And the clock comes lesser

To write, I have none

I’m about to stop

My mind says hop

My bed says come

My heart says write

I focused

I focused in my heart

And I followed each hole

I was challenged

Not because there were writers better than I

Not because I was a new comer in this race

It is because, here I saw diverged

Every single Tictac of the clock

A pen’s value in tact

And soul to rock

My shadow walked

As I stood

I’m done

I can’t imagine

How I finished the game

Its not just a game but a plan

An undreamed run

A memorable ground


(C)seth:kw:13:46:june15,2015:ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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