“I’m A Poet”


Dedicated: To ALL POETS around the globe. Most especially to PENTASIAN POETS

(Photo taken from:Ms. Suzette)




When poets unwind

They truly explore

To reach the edge of the horizon

Search, meet strangers as family

Where words value, kept as treasure

Saved in every single moment


Those unforgettable moment

Those risky things unwind

Those most precious treasure

Expand twinkling as it explore

Cultivating soul in every family

Not giving up staring the horizon


Almost at the edge of the horizon

Fragile, difficult, risky each moment

Tears may flow, no one to embrace a family

Scattered teardrops fall unwind

Need to sacrifice, take the risk, explore

Hoping in the end, there is treasure


Finding a treasure

Won’t see, need to take the obstacles across the horizon

Need to dream, need to believe, need to plan to explore

Value each single moment

For every single moment unwind

There, can find true family


Not a real family, but a bountiful home of family

More than a treasure

Wrap, fold, unwind

In different edge of the horizon

Uncounted moment

Shared happiness, love and moment to explore


Keep on the eye to explore

Value every single bountiful home of family

Treasured every single moment

Most especially, a love to be treasure

Across the horizon

Unforgettable moments to unwind


In life, we unwind, to struggle, sacrifice, and explore.


Keep on dreaming to reach the edge of the horizon, don’t give up, there are people who waits for us, our family.


There’s a lot of things to be treasure, but the most of it can’t be value by money, and the most memorable – unforgettable ones are those moment.


(C)seth:kw:23:18:june15,2015:ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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