Poem11/24 “My Bestfriend”

As I woke up every morning, I see him beside me lying

His eyes staring, wondering, like he is talking

When I get off the bed, he jump over my head

Opening the fridge, his gonna take fruits that were rotten

Smelling, if he don’t feel like eating

His going to kick his plate slowly towards me

He gonna scratch my feet and stare, asking for another 

I will show him a fried meat! He jump! And jump! And jump!

And bring his plate back, and eat a lot

He is with me wherever I go, he wear a pad, a cloth and shoe

When we go to the park, he throw his pad

When I’m sad and cry, he stare at me and sigh

His gonna sit beside me, lifting his hand reaching mine

I gonna hug him tightly and smile, and whisper thank you, you’re here for a awhile

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