4. Running

She ran as fast as her legs would carry
To the safety of her little room
Even his words felt like they were chasing her
Running was her only option

It wasn’t often she gets called for coffee
But he seemed intriguing
And she let her guard down but now
Running was her only option

He was calm when he proposed the unfathomable
She could accompany him on his ‘field’ trips
As his whore; he said friend.
Running was her only option

She thought he was different
She thought he really cared
With the proposal, his outer skin came off and
Running was her only option

2 thoughts on “4. Running

  1. Ahhhh!! Love this!! I’m gonna take a guess and say this poem tells the story of a woman and abuse. I like the description of his “outer skin” coming off after the proposal. Awesome work!!

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