Home Again

Let me out! Let me out!
I closed my eyes tight
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
I kick and I struggle
I’m sinking, I’m sinking
“Hush little one, just let it go”
I stop for a second
I open my eyes
The blue coral twinkles at me
The shy clam rushes its head in
The seahorse floats on by
I reach out and
feel the butterfly fish with my nose
“Enjoy the moment little one”
I swim around for a while
I see blurry images
of bigger fishes and creatures
whose names I do not know
I eye them suspiciously then
I stretch out like a starfish
I curl up like a blow-fish
I glide along like an eel
The bigger fishes stare at me
I smile at them but
They quickly turn away
I touch my body
Oh my, it’s silky smooth
I don’t have hands
They’re flippers
I don’t have legs
It’s a big fat tail
I do a back flip and
I laugh
I can do a back flip!
“Oh little one, Welcome Home!”


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