“Seven Ages”

Dear Stranger Across A Crowded Room,


I feel like I’ve known you all my life.

Through the mass of bodies,

Our eyes did meet.

And in that glance, I just knew,

What our future would be.

I’ll glide across,

And introduce myself.

Awkward as usual,

Yet, you’ll laugh at my jokes.

Like every cliché in the world,

We’ll share a lifetime’s history,

Compressed in a few brief hours.

Then comes that moment,

Fraught with uncertainty,

When we linger,

Not willing to part,

Not wanting to end.

But I’ll be bold as I’ve been all evening.

And I’ll say, “Please stay, let’s never part.”

Then hand in hand, we’ll stroll.

Off into a new dawn.


I reach you at last, and smile.

Laughing gaily,

You point and say,

“Your fly’s undone.”


Oh, well.


Best regards.

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