#16, Missing Birthday

Happy Birthday.
Or it would have been.
Chocolate cake and chocolate milk .
Your safest addiction.

Fun and laughter
Teasing and presents that make you cry and smile
Hug us.
“Your girls.”

Dad would kiss you.
You both so in love you look like teenagers
Ill never forget what love looks like
Maybe never live up to the story of your love
The grandness of it.

Now all that is left is what was.
Three years.
Almost three you have been gone.
Forever and a second in a single heartbeat

The absence in my heart is a sucking wound.
A sink hole in my chest.
You could fit the Titans in it.
I miss you so
Would give anything to wish you
Happy Birthday to your face.
Make you smile.

All that remains are the memories
Our broken family
An empty house
Falling into the dirt



Why did you have to go?

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