Hello fellow marathoners? Is that even a word? Hmmm. My name is Nicole and joining this marathon is probably quite silly for me to do. Only because I havent written a poem since middle school. But I am hoping that it will help me start writing again in general.  Ok so a little bit about me… I live in a small country town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I love it but I would love to travel and maybe live in a big city someday…if I can talk my fiancee into it. He is strictly a “down home” kind of man. I love writing and hope to one day go back to one of the five or so I have half started on my laptop and finish. When I saw the date that this marathon was scheduled I thought it was 9pm saturday the 23rd to 9pm the 24th. The 24th is my mothers birthday. She past away three years ago. So I thought that maybe it had come time for me to start putting into words how im feeling about her and the loss of her. It seemed like a fortunate coincidence.   Unfortunatly i misread the start time, but oh well. So my plan is to do just that. Otherwise I have no hard and fast plan for the day, hopefully make it through doing this and working Saturday night. Thats my biggest hurtle.  We shall see. Thanks to everyone for being so nice and welcoming. I cant wait to read what everyone comes up with. 🙂

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  1. I don’t think you joining is silly and I think your cause is noble. I wish you luck on your endeavor and I wish your mother a very happy birthday. I hope that the marathon does help you. 😀

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