#18 – In the wood…

20150422-133024 copyWhere do you live?

In the wood,

In one of these 3 wooden houses

Hanging up in the trees

So colourful you couldn’t miss them

They started from inspiration

From the squirrels of the forest

They look like a joke

From an old sci-fi movie

From a bad short story

Written by an old infamous drunk writer

Away in his wood shed

Near the river

Unknown until the best selling book

He’s writing now

In this Sunday afternoon

He is writing the word END

On his new novel

He doesn’t know yet

In a few months, he will be on TV

Famous like he would never expect

But keeping his best habit of writing

In his wood shed all day long

No matter the success or not

He keeps writing

Year on year out

He keeps writing

His heart off


Where do you live?

In the wood,


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