#24 – The illusion disolver

20150413-235326-403-TheDreamCatcherIllusions. copyWhen I see it,

I just can’t believe it

Many times I have been feeling it

But never ever could I see it


Right before my eyes

Never been thinking I would see it

Any day, but here I am,

With it in front of my very eyes


It’s amazing what it can do

And it opens a new hope

For all humanity

For all humankind


This strange thing

Doesn’t look like anything

Anyone has ever seen

Anywhere on this planet


Really is stunning what it does

It literally shows you all your illusions

All the things you believe that don’t serve you

On the path you’re actually walking


It shows you all your illusions

And dissolve it

To the incredulity

of your eyes


And now, no matter what you do or say,

Your life path is totally open

And the only thing left to do

Is walking step by step


On your magical path

To the great temple

Of your great achievement

Of a life lived in pure love



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