#5 – Sex Bouquet

20150421-151520-440-SexBouquetYou get in the room

I smell your love

The air is changing

Starting sparkling

Stars are blushing

Moon is dancing

Your bliss is buzzing

All your skins is ting ting


You give me your broom

I don’t know what to tell

When you look deep

In my eyes

I forget

To tell you

What happened


In the blue

What happened

When you flew

So far from me

Far too long

After this time

Below that shame

I was enforced

To love you

Beyond reason

As must do


I was enforced

By my feelings

That have the lead

On all my deeds

I was enforced

By your smile

To love you

Like a fool

To love you

I am so cruel


Your sex bouquet

Gets me frustrated

I can’t stop

The game of falling

In love with loving you

I just can’t stop

The stronger than me

Power from the blue





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