#1 – The island of beauty

20150416-121601-414-theIslandofBeautyThe island of beauty

Is just on the other side,

On the back of your skin

Flower many treasures

You cannot see yet

As for now

It’s prickling all your ears

And eyes into the blue

To supplicate you to

Truly get true

Through your dance

Into the sunlight

At midnight

When you can’t help

But stay

And sit down

On this bench

In the station

In the middle

Of this hot summer

That moves you through

This brand new love

Story that felt upon you

Before you noticed it was over

You sits down and sweats

It’s hot outside

And even hotter


You got fever

And she’s leaving you


And unrested


The island of beauty is just

On the other side

Of your thin skin

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