I didn’t notice

I didnt notice I broke your heart
Virginia Carraway Stark

When did I last hear from you?
Or did you expect to hear back from me?
You summed it up when I walked away
And didn’t notice that I broke your
Exposed heart
I didn’t know you were playing
To keep me
It didn’t seem that serious to me
It’s been awhile
To hear this is such a matter
For years and crying
My love wasn’t even in the table
Because I didn’t know
How little I noticed you
Broke your heart

One thought on “I didn’t notice

  1. I love the flow of this porm…the metaphor and beautiful description. The lines are broken up very well and are impactful. You may want to add a bit more punctuation to define the poem. I love many lines…My love wasn’t even on the table…” I also love…”And didn’t notice that I broke your
    Expose heart.” Great break here and tone. Fantastic poem!

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