Hour 21: A Form Letter

Dear [current employer]–


You have been so near and dear to my heart. With you in my life, I have had the opportunity to achieve my promise and life’s work of saving [quantity] of the [insert special interest] in [geographical data]. All the while, flaunting posed diverse collateral of [client type] in  


This has truly been the work of providence. I will be forever changed by your ability to slip from my grasp the concepts of self-care and mental wellness. Thank you for indoctrinating me with your shining models of charity and martyrdom. 


This season, can you return the life energy I invested in this machine? 


And, if that is not within your means: give me money. As much as you can. Right now.




[Former employee]


P.S. – Quit your job, then get this tattooed on your body as a reminder. 

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