Wade Wins – Women Lose – HOUR 8

(Response to Gigan challenge)


Summer swelters beyond my exhausted window

hot inside air pulled outside where it belongs.


I’m comfortable here at my computer –

a cool cat writing poetry,

sporting a beret back in a 1950s café.


When I was nine to thirteen, I loved Maynard G. Krebs,

the Beatnik poet on Dobie Gillis.


He broke all the rules my parents lived by –

the ones I knew I dare not break.


Strange the memories that surface while

summer swelters beyond my exhausted window?


When I was nine to thirteen, I loved Maynard G. Krebs,

at fifteen had a crush on a poet friend in high school,

discovered I was bound by societal rules of engagement.


Then, at eighteen, I broke the rules, got pregnant, had an illegal abortion –

a decision many of our American sisters may have to make again.

5 thoughts on “Wade Wins – Women Lose – HOUR 8

  1. So glad you used the Gigan to echo what’s going on in American society at the moment. So many people dismiss Roe v. Wade is a “women’s” issue and yet this decision will touch millions of lives in so many crucial ways.
    Your first line is a cracking opener! thank you for sharing.

  2. thanks Katrina…. I have a fan in my window that can be used to exhaust air…so I had a chuckle when I wrote that line…because the window is actually exhausting air but there’s also the metaphor of the window being exhausted

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