Ten Things I Love about You

  1. Your laughter always sparkles.
  2. You make every place, no matter how humble, feel like the most welcoming and comforting home.
  3. How charm just naturally flows out of you; mesmerizing entire rooms.
  4. Creating magical gardens on simple balconies with wildflowers, roses, jasmine, and fragrant culinary herbs.
  5. The way you transform fabric into fantastical costumes; making Halloween dreams come true.
  6. Bringing distant places to life in deep, dark, rich water color; I feel like I will never experience the lighted night boats of Rio the way I have from your painting.
  7. Teaching me to always look for the answers, seek the truth, and never take anything for granted.
  8. Taking me to my first political action; helping me understand the importance of standing up in the face of adversity and conflict, in a peaceful and powerful way.
  9. Always embracing a sense of spirit and adventure, without losing your own individuality.
  10. Giving me the strength, support, love and guidance, making me the person I am today.


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