Prompt 3 – The Smile

Hour 3 – The Smile


he stood listening to the beautiful music

played by Cello’s in the Park

With the crowd clapping and swaying in time,

he smiled at the woman passing by.


smiling back, she extends her arm

shy, he mouths “I’m no dancer”

“follow me and keep smiling” she says

1234, off they go in hold to the joyful beat.


The crowd clap, sway and cheer for the dancers

he forgets about everything, caught in the moment

a hop, a skip, a twirl, her dress extends fully

her perfectly extended arm folds, rejoining the hold


The Cello’s slow the piece down, then stop,

he smiles, she laughs as they separate and bow

the applauding audience wants more

as she walks away, looking back, he still smiles.


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