There is a certain note, or range of notes, that makes me melt.
I feel it here and I want so badly to stop giving a fuck,
And dance around, arms waving wildly.

The scene from Titanic comes to mind,
Where Rose goes with Jack down into the dance hall.
Where the plebs go to let loose,
And they spin and spin and spin,
And she feels alive for the first time,
Down in the hole with the dirty and moneyless.

Such beautiful sounds are hard to explain,
But I can tell you this makes me see green and blue,
And wind and fields and I can actually feel the wind as I’m flailing.

Then I pretend I can play the fiddle like that,
I practice moving my elbow and gripping the bow,
Reading music which I haven’t done in years,
Or better yet not even needing those pages anymore,
Just playing and feeling the wind.

4 thoughts on “Strings

  1. I have never enjoyed the movie Titanic, but I enjoyed reading what you wrote about it. When you mentioned arms waving wildly, I pictured the wind socks that are made to look like people. My favourite part was “Or better yet not even needing those pages anymore”

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