10 minutes to spare

Almost didn’t make it with ten minutes to spare.

As I try to force my eyes awake I notice…. I have no clue what to write.

Like the muses kept snoozing because they too, were wiped outĀ from the night before.

What could have I been possibly thinking?


Sure! You can close down a kitchen at 2 in the morning and get home by three and then still eat, shower, get cleaned up and then have your alarm to wake you up! But….it doesn’t.

Your alarm clock on your phone fails you just like the impending doom of the cakes you were supposed to make for service today.

Tick tock tick tock, I need to learn to read a clock.

One down, twenty three to go and almost hating myself for this…..

But I still love writing too much.

One thought on “10 minutes to spare

  1. Hey Robert!
    I couldn’t find your personal introduction page, but thought I’ll leave you a not here.
    I loved, LOVED reading through your work- I am also a little envious of your Haiku’s! I never got the hang of them!
    For the dreamers – thank you for this particular writing. It made me have one of those soul-sigh’s. You know the ones that comes from so far and deep down that you are not sure if you’ve just cried for hours without noticing?
    Thank you so much!

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