Dramatis Personae

You open the door with no inkling of what’s to come;

Today is the day I end it;

We had a fun run, but it’s over, don’t you see?

And this is going to be icky;

Because you won’t cooperate;

Sitting there with your green eyes;

Crying like a bitch;

Why can’t you just yell at me like I want you to do?

Then I could yell back, leave and slam the door;

It would be the easiest thing for both of us;

Instead, I have to sit here and listen to your weak shit as you blubber in my lap;

And while I hold you I have to look around the room;

I see the reminders of the times we fucked like beasts;

I see where you held me as I told you about the woman I loved who left with tears in my eyes;

And where, after I apologized taking up our  date with that story, you just smiled and said “This is the work”;

No, bitch, this is the work

Because now I have to leave.



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