Loving Cereals (Hour 9)

We may not agree on this –
Nothing beats the aroma
Of cereal with a sprinkling
Of cream emitting vapour
Let alone the taste
It’s like chocolate bar
Melting on your tongue
Or your favourite ice cream
Gliding down your throat
That’s how much I love cereals

Similac, Cerelac, Nutrend –
This half-empty pack of Golden Morn
In my cupboard reminds me of them,
Of growing up when we used to
Eat them raw and Mama would warn us
To desist but the taste would draw my
siblings and I to do what Mama had forbidden

So we ate one day and left the evidence
All over our lips and the floor
And I ran to Mama once she returned
And reported that we didn’t eat raw Nutrend.

I cannot now say whether it was guilt that pushed me or childhood innocence
But I know the memory of her spanking never wanes.

2 thoughts on “Loving Cereals (Hour 9)

  1. Lol, this one resonates. When my immediate younger brother was born. I stole his cerelac and of course I was caught, there’s always a sprinkle on the floor after the theft. Of course it ended in tears. This one took me way back. I enjoyed every line. Well done.

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