Heart and Soul

She lived alone

The loneliness stayed

Surrounded by many everyday

In a heart and soul made

a California Girl

Too country for this world

Longing for the right love in the right place and time

Inside lies the darkness of Life displayed

The smile she stays

shown on her face each day

The heart hurt with pain

Shadows of a life in vain

A simple life she cries for

A front porch swing she longs for

An old school country girl

Drowning in this out of place of this world

Drove off to Tennessee today

One thought on “Heart and Soul

  1. This tender poem seemed like a song at times. The journey this young woman is on seems lonely, and yet she moves on. Some of these images — lonely surrounded by many, a steady smile on the face, a porch swing — build upon each other. Again like a song, they start to complement each other, too, and tell a story. This ending makes me both hopeful that life will become whole for her and genuinely curious to find out what comes next.

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