Prompt Nine


A Prize in Every Box

Popcorn in the cupboard prompts
a cascade of childhood memories—

the boxes of ‘Cracker Jack’; once-a-
week-treats, with a treasure in every box.

Sunday brunch at The Owl’s Nest,
dressing in fine clothes, carrying

a purse with a gold strap and wearing
freshly polished Buster Brown shoes.

Acting like a grown-up until the server
invites me to check out the hidden

treasure box filled with trinkets and toys
and I don my childhood antics, once again.

The wonder and joy of not knowing
what one will find on opening the lid.

Though the clock now ticks time away,
maybe we all need to pause: to be

curious again, to be surprised—
to look for buried treasure.


12 thoughts on “Prompt Nine

  1. Thanks, Renee! I loved how the prompt of food in the cupboard made me think of things I had forgotten (like Cracker Jacks and the treasure chest at the restaurant). I had fun with this one and hope to rekindle that joy in myself and others.

  2. Love the nostalgia in this poem, well done! “Though the clock now ticks time away,/maybe we all need to pause: to be/curious again, to be surprised—/
    to look for buried treasure.” So beautiful and so true 🙂

    1. Thanks again, Mark! I loved this year’s prompts – they took me to fun and sometimes emotionally tough places. This one was definitely a nostalgic look back at my younger years… Oh, where have they gone?!

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