Season of Reckoning

All roads led us here,
though we couldn’t see where they’d end.
We promised love for forever.
Now we’re just trying to be friends.

I didn’t ask for this season
or the wildfires that burned.
We didn’t imagine at the beginning
that our lives would take this turn.

Now it’s reckoning season,
our chickens came home to roost.
There is no turning back
from the change we induced.

Let’s just burn clear the land
so we can both start anew.
I’ll let go of your hand.
It’s the least I can do.

Let’s both make a fresh start
at the lives we envision.
I hope we both find ourselves
as we endure this division.

A new season awaits,
as this season ends.
Let’s move forward, hearts open
Let’s try to stay friends.

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