Hour 15 : Dried Flowers

Forgetting the memories

As the love fades

If ‘ther’ is life, ‘ther’ is death

We have lived in between

Flowers grow and wither away

As the season change

Hope I could say do not let me go

I will live with whatever I have of those moments

It will not happen in a day

It may be in months or years or a lifetime

It will take time; I believe seasons will change

Flowers will grow again from the seeds that withered

In time they will blossom again

I did not tell you the name of the flower

Which I chose to keep with me

A promise that you made

While you gifted me those tiny blooms

I will never forget; love will fade away

Little by little, I’ll cling on to the hope

As I preserve them in the form of dried flowers


3 thoughts on “Hour 15 : Dried Flowers

  1. Dried Flowers is timeless! Sheer love, determination, and hope is held in those dried flowers. I appreciate the phrases • flowers will grow again from the seeds that withered AND • while you gifted me those tiny blooms. Well done!

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