Hour 1 – Embracing the Storm

Embracing the Storm

In the distance, thunder
rolls low and deep
the warning sound of a lion

Above the hills, lightning
flashes like a caution signal
an emergency vehicle’s garish beams

Let the rain come!
Let the water pour down
Let the storm envelope us

Let the wind carry away the debris
Let the pounding droplets settle the dust
Let the rushing water cleanse the earth

Let everything be refreshed
Let us have a new start

One thought on “Hour 1 – Embracing the Storm

  1. What a gorgeously sensual poem! You capture the approach of the storm perfectly – that wild strength of a lion seems to underline how strong it is and how easily it can prey upon us – and yet, after the energy, chaos and destruction, there is a sense of cleansing, and of starting anew. Beautiful!

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