Problem Solving 101



Be patient

But whatever you do…
don’t create chaos
just to get attention.

Chaos is like the croc
that roils the waters
so no one can see truth.

He lurks there, like
a mountain of death
and destruction…




ready to grab the solution
feeding in the shallows…
so the world will never see.

The American Dream

So many seek it here
in America…
in these separate states
with their separate

That’s a good thing.

Privileged? No. Not at all.
What is the privilege of
simply being?
Of simply living
as humans?

Simply not a dream.

Pity the bored leadership
whose job it is to create
something to fight for…
to fight over…
to fight about

so that we can be human.

As with all humans,
they, too, seek safety…
seek support…
and an income…
to feed their loves.

They deserve compassion.

Deep within, at the root
of their conscious being,
they fear the dream
of others being more
than a little tiny thing…

A miniscule infant of death.

Not knowing, these divinely
corrupt beings all over
everywhere deny progress
for the beings that dream
of just being human.

The American Dream is.

America is a contract!
Not a person, nor a party,
nor a dreamy philosophy.
America is an obligation
to humanity…

though just paper.

Leaders, fear not, for…
whatever the reason…
fear the word “not”.
Fear it like a whole
ghost pepper, because

oppression is not.

Not nice, not appropriate,
not worthwhile, not effective,
not sustainable, not accurate,
not peaceful, and most of all…
by the power of our earth

not being human.

America, whether living the “dream”
or not, is unmistakably human.
And, so, as much as it is
just paper, it is also
life everlasting,

everywhere. Just live it.

We Know!

Shhhh! We know!
Yes, we all know!
Everyone knows!

Didn’t you know?

Shhhh! He told!
Yes, he told people!
Then everyone heard it!

Didn’t you know

about the list of things
you’re supposed to know
not to know? The stuff

everyone knows?

Hush! Keep it down!
Don’t talk about things
you should know not to know!

It’s a secret!

The Thorn

Jesus Christ!

He wore a whole crown of them
in honor of the one you
stuck in your side.

You did it to yourself,
and now it pains you
to know you did it

to yourself!

I am sad for the pain…
the pain you feel…
the pain that leads you…

the pain that breeds
your disdain for humanity.
I cried for you last week…

for your soul!

You read each day
how the world hates
what you did.

You wonder how
you so enjoyed it,
reveling in your power…

using lust!

Prayers for the ugly
are so difficult,
but the tears were real.

I cried for you last week
as death stands before you.
What will you say when HE

asks about that thorn?


Goodness gracious!

It’s a crime… isn’t it?
Last time I checked, yes…

Let me look again. Hold on…
Ah, yes… ACLU, except they’re
left-wing liberal extremists.

Sigh… hold on, let me look again…
Of course! First Amendment!
Except that’s a right-wing extremist
talking point – that and number 2.

We can’t have people questioning
what they don’t know,
or thought they knew about HER!

The wickedly beautiful adulteress
whose claim to fame was

blonde with beautiful lips.

Come on… come on and grow up.

Fear is unbecoming of the courageous.
Propaganda is ridiculous on the face
of a government that “trusts in God.”

To quote my favorite doctor:
“The time has come!
The time is now!”
Turn your book upright!

It’s upside down.

The Origins of War

Some well paid puppet
with an ear
woke up one day

to hear some other
puppeteer say

“Hey, we need some
fluffy stuff to
fill the air with

“Hell, you say!”

He was in
a bad mood.

Son of the Bitch and Bastard

Yes, indeed… a real dog-faced asshole.
ugly to the point of fugly, and
entitled to the world.

Just a real doggone fucker.

Maybe he wanted me to…
sit on his face
with no panties on…

So I lifted the lid,
dropped in his head shot,
sat down, and…

Poor Humpty

Humpty, Humpty, Humpty,
put your pants back on!

Lay craquelure reveals your soul.

You fear God!
Oh, yes, you do!

And it’s wonderful!

The power I feel!
Radiating from us all!

All of us who hate pedophiles,

People, come together,
for that’s the secret.

They fear God so desperately
yet do the things – the gross things.

Oh! How delicious it feels
knowing your fear, Humpty.

Good people, unite!
Pray! Pray a lot!

Pray for what you want
to be the end of Humpty.

Visualize it, and it will come…

Humpty’s great fall….


Except, I would NEVER go out with you.

A Study of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Can this become a poem?
This… touchy… subject…

Perhaps a work in progress
as we all are, after all.

I learned today
to never say
“You make me feel…”
to a narcissist.

Except, I like that song.

True… it does give away power.
So does the song, but
in a sweeter way.

Narcissists push engagement
when one would rather
walk away.

Why is that?

“You” is not constructive.
“I am…” is self-empowering.

A narcissist will still attack,
minimize, criticize, gaslight,
scream, yell, trivialize,
and on and on.

Pray for them?
That’s where I lack faith.

Walk away from them?
Sigh… I’ve tried.
And tried, and tried.

They need me…
And that’s SO strange!

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