A Study of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Can this become a poem?
This… touchy… subject…

Perhaps a work in progress
as we all are, after all.

I learned today
to never say
“You make me feel…”
to a narcissist.

Except, I like that song.

True… it does give away power.
So does the song, but
in a sweeter way.

Narcissists push engagement
when one would rather
walk away.

Why is that?

“You” is not constructive.
“I am…” is self-empowering.

A narcissist will still attack,
minimize, criticize, gaslight,
scream, yell, trivialize,
and on and on.

Pray for them?
That’s where I lack faith.

Walk away from them?
Sigh… I’ve tried.
And tried, and tried.

They need me…
And that’s SO strange!

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