Goodness gracious!

It’s a crime… isn’t it?
Last time I checked, yes…

Let me look again. Hold on…
Ah, yes… ACLU, except they’re
left-wing liberal extremists.

Sigh… hold on, let me look again…
Of course! First Amendment!
Except that’s a right-wing extremist
talking point – that and number 2.

We can’t have people questioning
what they don’t know,
or thought they knew about HER!

The wickedly beautiful adulteress
whose claim to fame was

blonde with beautiful lips.

Come on… come on and grow up.

Fear is unbecoming of the courageous.
Propaganda is ridiculous on the face
of a government that “trusts in God.”

To quote my favorite doctor:
“The time has come!
The time is now!”
Turn your book upright!

It’s upside down.

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