16 – 83

Every evening, the elderly lady next door

sits on her front lanai and exclaims to me,

“I am having my weekly glass of eveningĀ  wine.”

I make a slightly exaggerated facial expression

and remind her that, “One a week is actually good for you!”


I take bowls to her of whatever we are having for dinner.

Within minutes, she returns the bowl

clean. dry, and filled with something yummy

from her own kitchen, always clarifying,

“I will have that for my dinner, so I put it on a plate.”

Then, regardless of the time, she reminds me

“I have to get home now.

My daughter calls me every night at 7 o’clock.

She calls me every night. 7 o’clock.


Sometimes, when I happen to be sitting out front around 7 o’clock

I hear her sweet, sing song greeting.

I can picture her lovely face, so excited

as if she were the child, and her Mom was calling her…


Elizabeth Fellows

6/27/2020, 6pm

One thought on “16 – 83

  1. “…regardless of the time.” Connection with others. Needed, so real, so in the moment, yet limited by how much contact she can tolerate. I can so relate. A loving, tender vignette. Beautiful powers of observation.

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