Poem 9. The Saturdays of My Youngest Youth

Saturday mornings
we piled into the den
on our blue shag carpet
in front of the console tv
all with overflowing serving bowls
of cereal… Captain Crunch, Trix
Pebbles (fruity and cocoa)
and my favorite, Freakies.
We watched early morning cartoons
until the good stuff came on…
H.R. Puffinstuff, The Buggaloos
Sigmund the Sea Monster…
these were the best times
to be a quiet little sister.
The Teri of us doted over me
made sure I was full and happy and clean
before Mom and Dad woke up.

On summer vacation
we were in the pool
as soon as we saw
their feet on the stairs.
We played in the pool until
we couldn’t hide our pruny
fingers and toes
and Mom pulled us out
to sit on our towels, wet and exhausted
on the blue shag carpet in the den
in front of the console tv
cereal bowls in our laps
watching Saturday afternoon cartoons.

6 thoughts on “Poem 9. The Saturdays of My Youngest Youth

  1. I love this! I was a kid of the 70’s, and our shag carpet was red. This immediately brought me back to those times. I was also the youngest, but so much younger that my times with cereal and cartoons and summers in the pool were mostly solitary. Thanks so much for the time travel!

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