Sunset and Poetry

There is something about the sunset that makes us weave dreams
As the day bids adieu to welcome a calm evening anew
Staring at its magnanimous display of stunning hues,
Takes you to a dreamland, a nameless place, another undiscovered world
Perhaps a new frontier beyond your wildest imagination.

I can paint a marvelous landscape through my dancing words
While looking at such splendor, the Master Artist’s touch
Rhyming words, screaming to come out of my head,
Why do a lot of hearts have this certain fondness of you dear sunset?
Could be that you are God’s manifestation of His poetic art.

Those cottony clouds of different formations make you look lovelier
Wordsmiths like me create our masterpieces out of just admiring you from a far
The gentle breeze brushing my warm cheeks blush at the mere sight of you,
Such grandeur cannot be replaced by anything as beautiful as this scene unfolding right in front of my naked eyes.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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