Collection of Sorrow

When it rains it pours

Whether that’s a good thing or not

It’s raining in this house

And I’m collecting the drops in a bucket

An unhealthy habit no doubt

But this helps me keep track

Of the collection of sorrows

That are gathering around me

I’m collecting rain in a bucket

To keep it from coming up around my ears

And drowning me

I’ll take the bucket outside

And water the flowers

Then repeat the process

Until this rain ends

2 thoughts on “Collection of Sorrow

  1. The way this poem proceeded it made me feel like it was only raining inside the house and that outside it was a bright and sunny day. It was a beautiful image, a dark and mouldering house but you only have to step outside to be in the sun. Of course the truly profound question is how to make the rain stop indoors and what would happen if you didn’t collect the rain. Would it stop? Or would it destroy the house entirely. Perhaps it is a healthy habit? Idk, but your poem made me think and that’s always the hallmark of good writing 🙂

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