15 Storm A-Brewing

Like a thundering clap of water-laden cumulu-nimbus

Like an angry howl of the raging wind

Slowly, very slowly

Gaining speed but real slow

Gathering dust and debris of horrendous proportion

Slowly, so slowly

Like a raging bull

Like a procrastinating raging bull.

Can you delay the inevitable? Or would you?

Do you have the strength to? The will to?

And the mind to hinder the dreaded storm?

Or do you have the guts to let the storm take its course?

The outcome, the result, the devastation,

do you have the heart to accept the aftermath?

The ruins, the shattered dreams, times spent and wasted, topsy-turvyness,

Do you?

How about the hurt, the sadness and the loneliness?

Ahhh…yes you could ignore the storm, the course it would take,

then the afterlife.

Yes, you could with resoluteness, with the strength of 30 ninjas,

with the charm of young geishas and the fear of hara kiri

Yes, only you could, of course you could

Yes you probably would…because it’s personal

…your Personal Storm A-Brewing.

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